Robert M. Price’s MOLDY MANUSCRIPTS vol. 03

I don’t go to theatre except for horror, Star Trek, and superhero movies. Sometimes I write reviews or review essays on them. You might think I am reading way too much into these flicks. See what you think. This time out I am exhuming a couple of reviews. Eli Roth’s Hostel has much more to it than meets the eye, as you will see, at least in my tortured psyche. My review appeared a few years ago in my newsletter/monthly essay on line, Zarathustra Speaks (subscribe for free at My review of The Whole Wide World appeared in Crypt of Cthulhu #93 (Lammas 1996), then in The Cimmerian 14 (October, 2004). I thought it might be worth another look now that a new film version of Conan is current.

And who doesn’t love Godzillla movies (whether or not they will admit it)? I prevailed upon Stephen Mark Rainey to allow me to reprint an article on them he ran in his pre-Deathrealm zine Japanese Giants. Mark, in case you didn’t know, is a polymath: a graphic artist, a musician, and a truly gifted writer of horror fiction. He and that other Marc (Cerasini) happen to be the world’s greatest authorities on Gojira and Toho Studios films.