THE 2011 NEBULA AWARDS: Michael Swanwick

The 2011 Nebula Awards banquet was held on Saturday evening, May 21st at the massive Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. The Nebula Award is one of Science Fiction’s „big two“ awards (along with the venerable Hugo). Awarded since 1965 by The SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America), the Nebulas showed an impressive ballot this year and writer Michael Swanwick served as this year’s toastmaster, providing the requisite dignity, class, and humor for the evening’s events. A Nebula Award winner himself, for his 1991 novel Stations of the Tide, Mr. Swanwick said he was nervous about hosting, for who can hope to follow Isaac Asimov, even 46 years later, but we think he did a splendid job. We had a chance to talk to Mr. Swanwick just after the ceremony, which we present here with some clips from the Nebula Awards ceremony. 2011 Nebula Award winners listed below.